Maison Bonnet x Arnaud Roth

Arnaud Roth
In a relationship with five pairs

Who are you?
I’m a production designer for films and advertising. I design and have the sets made for advertising and feature film shoots.

How are you doing?

What or who led you to maison bonnet?
Audrey Pulvar

What is the maison bonnet spirit?
It’s expertise, experience, excellence in their craft, and also people, human beings that I love.

What is the diference between maison bonnet frames and others?
I was about to say I don’t know because I don’t have any others, but actually I have some sunglasses that I wear sometimes, but I don’t give a damn about them. There are disposable things and things we want to keep.

Why that particular design?
Because it suits me well. Because I discussed it with Franck, we looked at different designs, and in the end this one seemed the obvious choice. And when, on top of that, I learned it was the Yves Saint Laurent model, I was totally convinced that it was the one for me.

Since when have you been a “bonnetiste”?
I’d say four or five years, I think.

What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve seen with your bonnet glasses?

Are you more popular since you’ve had them?
I’m too old now.

Who’s your favorite bespectacled genius?
Probably Le Corbusier, for his intelligence and his vision.

What’s your best maison bonnet memory?
Most likely when I went to pick up a certain pair I’d been waiting for for a long time. To be able to hold this object in my hands, and to know it was mine. There’s not a day I regret getting them; there is not a day I’m not happy to wear them; there is not a day I want to change them.

What’s your worst maison bonnet memory?
“No, they’re not ready yet.”

Who doesn’t wear maison bonnet glasses but should?
It’s difficult because we don’t want too many people wearing them. Hummm, what could I say? Bérengère, do you wear glasses?

A message for maison bonnet?
Keep going!

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