Maison Bonnet x Danièle Reiber

Who are you?
I'm Danièle Reiber and I run Reiber PR, a London-based press office specializing in art.

How are you?
Not too bad, it could be worse.

What catches your eye?
All the FT – How To Spend It coverage we've gotten over the years.

What do you always keep an eye on?
My husband!

What is the Maison Bonnet spirit?
Timelessness. They create incredible frames without following trends.

Why this particular frame?
I wanted something a little square, square shapes are my favorite. And we found this one which is a bit of a compromise. I fell in love with them, we refined them and I’m very happy with them. What do you think?

What do you always do with your glasses?
I read. I read. Wow, ça fait sérieux.

Do you have eyes bigger than your stomach?
Of course! I'm Belgian, it's in my genes.

When was the last time you hit the bull’s eye?

Who is your favorite genius with glasses?
When I was young, I studied classical music, and I would say Alfred Brendel. He’s a brilliant Austrian pianist.
C’est pas un canon,, juste pour être claire.

Who doesn’t have glasses from Maison Bonnet but should?
Paul Smith.

What is your best memory of Maison Bonnet?
When the first article on Maison Bonnet London appeared, it was great. Maison Bonnet was then recognized in London as it should be.

What is your worst memory of Maison Bonnet?
When I stopped by the store on a Saturday morning to ask Loïc a question and it was closed. This is also what makes Maison Bonnet unique, you don’t work on weekends…

How do you see Maison Bonnet in 30 years?
Ahead of its time, with an eye on the trend, just like now. They have this vision of the future, looking towards the future.

Do you have a message for them?
Be present for the generation to come.

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