Maison Bonnet x George Glasgow

Who are you?
My name is George Glasgow, but people call me George, because it's nicer and it's a bit like a club here. I am the director of G.J. Cleverley, bespoke shoemaker in Mayfair.

How are you?
That's okay for someone who is said to be too old. But I do my best, I try to put things in people's heads.

What do you do without blinking?
I'll give you the secret. You wake up in the morning and look at the ceiling. You do this with your elbows. OK? If you don't knock on wood, get up!

What is the difference between a pair of Bonnet glasses and others?
When I put them on, I forget I have them. It's like they're part of me.

What do you always keep an eye on?
The quality.

What is the Maison Bonnet spirit?
They look a lot like us. Old-fashioned professionals. Their shop is as small as mine and they give me that impression.

What do you always do with your glasses?
I like to observe my competitors, there are few of them, just to see what they are doing. If you wear the right suit, the right shoes, and the right glasses, you feel good! If it doesn't fit here, it won't fit in your head.

What is your best memory of Maison Bonnet?
One day Loïc said to me why don’t you go downstairs, I’ll be there in a minute. In fact, once we got downstairs, there was this virtually naked woman. That’s a very good memory!

How do you see Maison Bonnet in 30 years?
I think they will go from strength to strength. You will always be there because you will have an audience.

A message for them?
Keep it up because that’s how it should be. And you will always succeed. Mass has been said.

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