Maison Bonnet x Lydie Hacquet

Lydie Haquet
In a relationship with two pairs (soon to be three)

Who are you?
I’m Lydie Haquet, and I’m a photographer and a communications director.

What is the maison bonnet spirit?
Ah, it’s love! Love for people, love for work, love for work well done, for beautiful objects. Stories too, little stories, history with a capital “H”. That’s it; I think that’s really their driver.

Why that particular design?
I tried nearly 200 pairs, and in fact I think, more than anything else, that this pair found me. It’s a little androgynous, a little 70s, and it also looks a little like frames my dad had, and I adored my dad, so voilà.

What is the diference between maison bonnet frames and others?
Hummm… nearly everything, actually. It’s like the difference between a good brasserie and a gourmet restaurant. And I have a little preference for the gourmet one.

Did they change your life in any way?
Yes, I can see clearly! I see clearly, and I forget I’m wearing them, and that’s a change from my previous glasses.

What do you always do with it?
Almost everything…

Are you more popular since you’ve had them?
Me no, them yes! People stop me on the street for them, not for me.

Who’s your favorite bespectacled genius?
Yves Saint Laurent

How long have you been part of the family?
I would say about ten years.

What’s your best maison bonnet memory?
When I get me glasses.

How do you picture Maison Bonnet in thirty years?
Two brothers, still totally crazy, who travel all the time because they’re established in Milan, New York, Tokyo, pretty much everywhere in the world.

Do you have a message for them?
Hurry up; I can’t wait to get my next pair!

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