Maison Bonnet x Paul Cooper Blake

Who are you?
I'm Paul Blake, I'm a father, a husband, a renowned director, I like to think my documentaries are some of the bests.

Where are we? Why this place?
We're in Greenwich, I ride my bike here every morning. This is part of my tour, I do about 12 miles. It’s a wonderful corner of the city.

What do you do without blinking?
I disrupt.

How long have you been part of the family?
It started in 2007. I read an article in the Financial Times How To Spend It. I went to Paris, I discovered you, a bit like a family at heart! I ordered my first pair and now I'm slightly addicted.

What do you always keep an eye on?
My competitors.

What is the Maison Bonnet spirit?
They make you rethink your identity. You go there thinking I'm going to choose this frame, you try it on, and they kindly make you understand why it's not you.

Why this particular design?
I have a model in my name. But I like things in pairs... I think there are two me. The Paul who wears these glasses here and the Paul who wears these glasses there. I saw Franck and I said to him: “I think there is a new me”.

Have your glasses changed anything in your life?
When I left the Paris store with my first pair, the vision was phenomenal, everything was very bright, it was quite incredible.

Have you had more success since then?
Probably less actually… Jealousy!

Who doesn’t have glasses from Maison Bonnet but should?
I know two people but if I do this, I'll have to pay for them.

What puts stars in your eyes?
A fresh lemon cake, with blueberries and yogurt.

A message for Maison Bonnet?
I will go to Paris for lunch, go for an eye exam or just to see you. And I kiss you very much.

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