Maison Bonnet x Pierre Corthay

Pierre Corthay
In a relationship with three pairs

Who are you?
So, I am Pierre Corthay, and I have been a bootmaker for men for the last century and a half… no, since 1990.

How are you doing?
Oh yes, I’m doing very well. I’m in a very good place despite this kind of worldwide pandemonium I am quite lucky. Voilà.

How long have you been part of the family?
It’s been around 20 years. Each time I go there it’s like I’m going to visit a cousin or a member of the family.

Who led you to maison bonnet?
Bah… first this, then Franck, and Steven, and Morgane, et voilà.

What is the diference between maison bonnet frames and others?
Two years ago, just before summer, I had a vision problem. Franck didn’t have the time to make me glasses so I went to BEEP, a rival, well, not even a rival, and I wore them for a week, I couldn’t go on.

What is the maison bonnet spirit?
It is a little like my place here. We are “normal”, we welcome people as they are, like at some other business that makes burgers. So, I don’t know, there is a kind of naturalness in the relationships and that means everything, that’s what luxury should be.

Why that particular design?
Ah! So, he told me, I don’t know if it’s a sales pitch or not, but he told me it was Onassis’s frame, and since I want to make a fortune I said let’s get this one, it’s great.

What is the most beautiful thing you’ve seen with it?
Without a doubt: my last son.

Are you more popular since you’ve had them?
Is my wife going to see the interview or not?

Who’s your favorite bespectacled genius?
Hum, still Saint Laurent. He was genius of design, a style genius, an elegance genius, just a life genius. The life he had, between parties, colours, everything. We would all love to have the same life, but well.

What’s your best maison bonnet memory?
Monday, when I broke my glasses, I stopped by, I had a glass of sublime Ruinart and left with my glasses perfect, repaired, shining, impeccable. That’s a good memory.

What’s your worst maison bonnet memory?
It’s when Franck told me, shit, you’re a pain, I don’t have time, I have NO time, man, I have no time, you won’t get them. So that, that is a little irritating.

How do you see Maison Bonnet in thirty years?
It’s my fervent wish that it keep this same philosophy, the same warmth. It is like a tree, it will grow concentrically, little by little, very slowly, like a beautiful tree, a beautiful oak.

A message for them?
I love them.

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