Maison Bonnet x Reza Zaimeche

Reza Zaimeche
In a relationship with six pairs

Who are you?
My name is Reza, I’m almost 57, and I’m a make up artist.

How long have you been part of the family?
Since I came back from Australia almost ten years ago, it’s the first thing I did when I set foot in Paris, without worrying about the price or anything else.
Reza at his best.
My appointment was at around 5 pm, and I left at 10 or 11 pm, more than a little drunk, because we had a lot of Champagne. When we started talking about the colour frames I was looking for, I said I wanted a sort of chestnut, hot chocolate… well, for them it was just brown. And that’s where our friendship started, along with the crossing of our expertise. And so I became their muse, I am still their muse on their web site; it’s the most beautiful gift they could have given to me.

What is the maison bonnet spirit?
What I love in their history is precisely that knowhow, always hand-made, with, especially, their love of excellent workmanship. They love what they do, and that’s just incredible.

Why that particular design?
My story with Bonnet starts with very traditional frames that I don’t wear anymore.
Then comes a pair which is more or less a copy of ones I already had and liked, that Steven redesigned with the Maison Bonnet touch, and that’s how we got to these frames called Reza, my first name, which makes me very proud.

What is the diference between maison bonnet frames and others?
Glasses that you buy, industrial glasses, you always have to push them up, to put them back in place. Bonnet glasses don’t move, and that’s a real luxury when you work all day.

What do you always do with it?
Talking about sex, you’re disgusting!

Who doesn’t wear maison bonnet glasses but should?
Our president.

What’s your best maison bonnet memory?
I usually pass by every afternoon, every Saturday afternoon, and it’s a huge blast in the shop, well, in the workshop under the shop, we talk about everything and nothing, we talk about glasses, we talk about colours, and those are memories that will never leave me.

Do you have a message for them?
I love you.

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