Bespoke Glasses - Act 1

Craftsmen, aesthetes, students, master, regulars and neophytes; all converge towards the discreet passage leading to the den of the spectacle makers.

Every day there are faces and personalities in search of accuracy and exclusivity because, any object manufactured according to the bespoke principles is totally unique.

Thought, discussed, conceptualized and designed for a single person according to one’s measurements, tastes and desires, a custom-made frame is therefore unique in the world.
Result of a co-creation between a craftsman and his client, it will never be crafted in exactly the same way.

The ballet begins. The first models emerge from the style library.
Selection of pieces then fittings.

Shape, material, color, proportions, finishes, design of the sides… Everything is discussed in the smallest detail.

The tools come into play.
From the projection of the cheeks to the position of the eyebrow line, through the length of the eyelashes, the temporal, the pupillary distance and the various angles of the nose; protractor and ruler in hand, it is no less than 12 measurements that the craftsman gathers.

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