Bespoke Glasses - Act 2

In a historic site of the Pays d'Othe, on the edge of Burgundy and Champagne, the Maison Bonnet tradition continues. This family know-how dating back almost a century has been devoted, for four generations, to an endangered luxury: that of time – that the house dedicates to its clientele; that this latter be granted in the hands of the craftsmen… towards the making of a piece as singular as the face of the person it will dress. After all, time, quintessence of contemporary luxury is perhaps one of the secrets of Maison Bonnet.

There’s the time of transmission.
Keeper and setter of a know-how inherited from the Florentines of the seventeenth century, Maison Bonnet cultivates and safeguards the art of apererage, which consists in selecting and assembling different leaves to obtain a specific color; or that of grafting, an almost alchemical process allowing to transform the sheets of raw shell into a massive plate.

The time of manufacture.
Calibration, outlining with the tip of the blade, cutting at the saw door, cold-blade and file shaping, polishing with felt disc and buffer ...

The time of learning.
Years, a life, several lives; to repeat tirelessly the same gestures, to perfect them to the point of achieving excellence, to the point of damagong the hands, thus making them better suited to the whims of the materials and to the demands of art.

But while the workshop resonates with the noise of the tools, it is for the client the time of waiting … rare time to reconnect with the pleasure of having.

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