Bespoke Glasses - Act 3

The experience is coming to an end …
The last act can begin.

The material changed shape, move after move, the plate became object.

To the impatience aroused by the time required by the hand made follows the pleasure of discovery.
It is time for the last adjustments that prevent the frame from moving or slipping.
These essential adjustments ensure the precision of the vision and the ergonomics of the tailor-made.

Gone from raw to sculpted the piece will now embrace every detail of the face for which it was made.
A step as important as the measurement, it is at the delivery that the artisan refines the frame and its fit in order to reach, millimeter by millimeter, both aesthetic and clinical perfection.

With the help of file, blade and flame, comfort and relevance assert themselves, the piece finds its definitive place.
Last polishing gestures are applied ...
The fit is now obvious. The comfort is perfect.
That’s it! It’s yours.

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